Waste Management for Construction and Contracting

This module allow you to manage Construction Waste Materials using scrap and reuse method for your Construction and Job Contracting business.

Main Features:

  • Allow job order user to add Waste Materials on Job Order form and based on that Create Internal Picking or Stock Scrap based on Waste Method selected.
  • User can decide whether waste will be reuse or scrap.
  • Using create button on Waste material tab system will aumatically create scrap record or internal picking record based on method selected.
  • For more details: See Video in live preview and below screenshots.

Menus Available:

  • Jobs
    • Waste Reporting
      • Material Wastes

Job Order - Waste Materials Tab

Scraps and Internal Picking Smart Button - Job Order Form

Open Scraps Records from Job Order

Created Scrap Order

Open Internal Picking from Job Orders

ted Internal Picking

Created Internal Picking

Reporting Waste Materials

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