Parking Management

This Module works on both community and enterprise editions

This APP allows you to manage parking slots inside a building or any other physical space, you can add parking slots, manage bookings, and create invoices.


Lets start by configuring booking categories and slots


Booking Category

In this configuration form, you will be able to create Parking categories, for example: cars, bikes and trucks, in the below form we have created

Decide the rate for the category, if its fixed or hourly, if you click add slots, you can add the slots inside this category, every category could have multiple slots, for example you have 6 slots for the bikes like in this screenshot above. if you click on Add slots, the system will automatically generate the slots for you:

Booking Slots

In this configuration you can edit the slots that were generated:

Dash Board:

The system contains a beautiful dashboard that shows you all the slots that are currently booked, bookings that are waiting to be invoiced, available parking lots, and much more

You can search for bookings by any column right from the dashboard:

You can also control column visibility on the fly:


To create a new booking, click on bookings to.

Click on Create:

Save the form then click on check in to check in a car to a specific slot as in the below example:

once the car leaves the parking, click on check out, the system will automatically calculate the duration and the amount to be charged to the customer:

Click on create invoice to invoice the customer:

now that the invoice is created, you can see it on the booking form:

Here are all the bookings: