Mobile Service Management


The module will assist the manager in getting the device details via using their IMEI number. Using the module application, manager can seamlessly acquire the brand, model and manufacturing details of the device using the IMEI number. In addition, it helps in saving your time and analyzing the service shop via varied generated reports. The reports include service report, parts usage report, complaint type report and customized pivot report.


This module depends on 
You can download the above Apps from Odoo apps.


 Device details from IMEI number.

 Customized pivot report.

 Mobile service request report

 Parts usage report.

 Complaint Type report.

Mobile Service Management

This module is exclusively designed for the mobile service shop for managing their daily activities inside the service center. The module comes integrated with accounting and inventory modules maximizing the efficiency. It comes embedded with features such as adding complaint templates, making it a much user-friendly application. The module also helps in generating service tickets in the workplace.

Access Rights

 Manager :- Manager has the complete access over the mobile shop management 
 Mobile Technician :- Mobile Technician can read and write service requests and also update the parts usage.


 Service request creation.

 Assigning service request to technicians.

 Mobile service ticket generation.

 Tracking the service status.

 Integrated with accounting and inventory module.

 Multi-level access rights.

 Mobile complaint templates.

 Invoice for parts usage and service charges.

 Email notifications to customer.

 Parts inventory.

 Flexible for further customization.


 When you install the module, an extra menu named Mobile Service is created. Here you can see the service requests and thereafter configure your mobile service shop.

Mobile Service -> Service Request -> Create

 This is the service request creation form. Service request can be created according to the device brand and model. One can assign the technician, service request, provide with warranty details, customer details, IMEI no, request and return dates etc.

Service Tickets

Generating tickets for service request.

 Here you can create tickets for service requests by using the 'Print Ticket' button.

 Service ticket will be generated as follows,

Parts Inventory

Mobile parts inventory

 Here you see the mobile parts used for service processing.

 Product will be only visible in the parts inventory if 'is a mobile part' is checked. 
You can provide the brand, model and color details from here.

Service Invoice

Invoice for service requests

 Here you can create invoices for service requests.

 Invoice can be created based on advance or full amount.

 The parts used during the service process will be automatically added to the invoice line.

Post Stock moves

 No need to create stock moves for parts usage manually. 'Post Stock Moves' will generate stock for the parts usage.

Email Notification

 The system will send email notification to the customer for each stage in the service request. 
Note:- You should configure outgoing and incoming e-mail settings from your Odoo for email service.

Brands Configuration

 Create mobile brands which is used in service request creation. 
Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Brands

Models Configuration

 You can also create models for different mobile brands from 
Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Models

Complaint Types

 You can create different complaint types from 
Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Complaint Types

Complaint Templates

 Complaint Templates can be created from 
Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Complaint Types

 You can select different complaint templates from the 'Complaints' page while creating service requests.

Terms and conditions

 Terms and conditions for service request can be added from, 
Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Terms and Conditions which will be added to the service tickets.

Mobile Service Manager Pro

 When you install the module, an extra menu named 'Reports' will be created, from here you can see various reports.

 A field with a button named 'Get details' for getting device details from IMEI number will be created in the service request create form.

Mobile Service -> Service Request -> Create

 Also settings menu will be created under the configuration menu for configuring the IMEI number device details generation.

Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Settings

Device Details From IMEI Number

Generating device details from IMEI number

 From the service request creation form, via using the 'Get details' button, you can get the brand, model and also the manufacturer information about the device from the IMEI number.

 For getting the device details from IMEI number, you have to activate 'IMEI device details' from

Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Settings -> IMEI device details

 Also you have to provide an API Token generated

Mobile Service -> Configuration -> Settings -> Api Token

 You will get api token from


Mobile service reports

 You will get different reports in PDF and XLSX formats from,

Mobile Service -> Reports

Mobile service report

Mobile service pivot report

 You can view the customized graphical and pivot from,

Mobile Service -> Reports -> Mobile Service

 You can view the graphical reports with different filters.

 You can view the customized pivot report for mobile service as shown below.

Service Report

Service request report

 Here you will get both PDF and XLSX reports of the service requests

 By providing the appropriate details in the 'Service Report' wizard, you will get service report in both PDF and XLSX format.

Parts Usage Report

Reports for parts usage during service

 Here you will get both PDF and XLSX reports for the parts usage during the service request processing.

 By providing the appropriate details in the 'Parts Usage Report' wizard, you will get parts usage reports in both PDF and XLSX format.

Complaint Type Report

Service request report

 Here you will get both PDF and XLSX reports of complaint types with corresponding brand and model.

 By providing the appropriate details in the 'Complaint Type' wizard you will get complaint type report with brand and model details in both PDF and XLSX format. Which helps in understanding complaints of certain devices.

Video Tutorial

Watch or video tutorial for Mobile Service Management from Mobile Service Management