Medical Lab Management

Manage Lab Activities


This app helps the user to systematically perform the activities of a Medical Laboratory. The app simplifies the activities like Patient Management, Appointment Management, Test Requests Management, Lab Results Management, and so on.

Apple Platform
Android Platform


Manage Patients
Issue Patient Card
Manage Referrals of Patients
Manage Appointments
Mail Notification For Appointments
Manage Lab Requests
Print Lab Test Result Of Patient

 Create patients.

 Go to Laboratory -> Patient -> Print -> Patient Card.

 Go to Laboratory -> Appointments->Create Appointments.

 When we confirm the appointment the appointment details will be sent through E-Mail.

 Lab Request

 Lab Test Result

 Create invoice for lab test.

 You can see today's appointments here.

 Go to Laboratory -> Configuration -> Lab test.

 Go to Laboratory -> Configuration -> Test Contents.

 Go to Laboratory -> Configuration -> Testing Unit.

 We can add referral physician details.

 There are two type