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Law & legal practice management app built to assist you to simplify work as attorney, boost performance and grow your law firm.

We are a highly qualified team of well-rounded software engineers and applications systems integrator specialized in open source ERP solutions for SMEs all over the world.

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Everything that matters to you as a Lawyer

Organized Real Time Dashboard

Client Matters

Windows Platform

Request Funds

Record & Bill Time

Record & Bill Expenses

Apple Platform

Trust Accounting

UTBMS Code Sets

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 - Everything that matters to you as a Lawyer

It is designed to improve and enhance the standard module to add functions, tools and solutions required in any Law firm or legal department.

  1. Matters

  2. Clients

  3. Time keeping and Calendar

  4. Record Activities, Tasks and Areas of Practice

  5. Record Expenses

  6. UTBMS Task, Activity and Expense Codes from American Bar Association (ABA), LEDES Oversight Committee (LOC), Judiciaries of England & Wales (J-Codes), DRI and Yerra Global KM group:

  7. Fully functional Trust Accounting concepts

  8. Request for funds from client via email and track the payment in the system

  9. Easily generate invoices from recorded Expenses, Tasks and Activities

  10. Organize and number your documents for matters and clients

  11. Organize and build useful contacts for matters and clients

  12. Organized realtime Dashboard with summarized data

 - Organized Realtime Dashboard

 - Client Matter

 - Request Funds

Send request via email to client. Attach the PDF request to the email. Track and record when the client pays you. Record the deposit to the Trust account.

 - Trust Accounting

Record all deposits and withdrawal from the trust account. Know the balance for each client any time. Separate Trust accounts from the normal Operating bank accounts

 - Record & Bill Time

Record all time entries. Bill using either Matter Rate, Activity Rate, Attorney Rate or a Custom Rate defined on the fly. Use the pre-loaded UTBMS codes for billing or define your own task and activity codes. Generate Invoices at a click of a button. Choose the best billing method for the matter. Available billing methods:

  1. Flat Fee

  2. Contingency Fee

  3. Time based Fee (Hourly or Daily rate)

  4. Both time based and Flat Fee

  5. Pro Bono

Also you can choose which currency to use in billing the matter. All invoices generated will be in the chosen currency (convenient to you and your client). Time entries and expenses recorded in a different currency will be automatically converted to the chosen billing currency. 

 - Record & Bill Expenses

Record all Expenses. Bill them to your client. Attache receipts and documents for audit purpose.Use the pre-loaded UTBMS codes for billing or define your own expenses codes. Seek approval/authorization of billable expenses from the managers before invoicing the client. Generate Invoices at a click of a button.

Expenses recorded in a currency other than the billing currency as set in the matter, will automatically be converted to the billing currency of the matter.

 - UTBMS Code Sets

Preloaded UTBMS codes from different issuing organizations. When creating a new matter, choose which code sets to use for that particular matter.