Fleet Tracking Integration

GPS Tracking for your vehicles

GPS tracking integrated with the Fleet module.

  • Simple GPS tracking feature with the vehicle/driver location history.
  • Vehicle location history feature.
  • Daily trips shown on the map.
  • Inactive periods for a vehicle specially marked (by default the inactivity period is set to 30 minutes, it is user-configurable).
  • Ability to update odometer automatically from GPS data in Traccar (accuracy of this feature depends on the Traccar settings and the tracking device being used - the total distance value is accumulated over time).
  • Attaching a GPS tracker to a vehicle is as simple as entering it's unique device ID and clicking a button on the vehicle's form.
  • For a closer look at the Traccar open source tracking solution, please take a look at Traccar homepage.

Simple setup

Enable/Disable button, simply enable tracking 
on the vehicle's page

Keep track and search previous locations within the Vehicle Location History menu.

You can also search by driver at the time the location was recorded. 

Retrieving the location is by default scheduled to trigger every 2 minutes, 
you can change the interval any way you like (from 1 min to hours/days/weeks),
since it's done by using a cron task (Odoo's scheduler).

Bokeh Map views integrated in the module.

Easily view the daily movement of your vehicles.

All trips made by vehicles are searchable and displayed per individual date.

Last location easily viewable and the time it was obtained.

Tehnical pre-requisites:

You just have to make sure to have the Traccar server instance ready to integrate with the module (to link you need a URL, username and password):