Fleet | Vehicle Rental Management


This module helps with an opportunity to give the vehicles like car,van,bike,jeep etc.. for Rent.


This module is an application for Vehicle Rental System which helps in managing the rental of vehicles like car,van,bike, jeep etc... It manages fleet/vehicle property by extending the basic fleet module of Odoo. Currently fleet module does not have any connection with accounting module. But in this module, we integrate the module with accounting also.

Multiple Plans for Rental Contract(Days/Weeks/Months/Years).
Sending email for confirmation, first payment and recurrent invoices.
Integrated with Accounting Module.
Automatically Create Recurring Invoices.
Check List Facility.
Separate Tree view for Checklist.
Damage Checking Facility.
Billing Facility for Damages/Check Lists.
Contract Payment Validations.
Detailed Fleet Rental Analysis Report.
Access Rights From Multiple Level.
Flexible for further customization.
Apple Platform
Android Platform

Fleet Rental Management

Fleet Rental -> Rental Management

☛ When you install the module, an extra menu named Rental Management is created under the Fleet Menu. Also "Fleet" menu is replaced as "Fleet Rental". Here you can see different color codes according to each state. This helps you in finding out contracts easily.

Fleet Rental -> Rental Management -> Rental Contract

☛ This is the Rental Contract form. You can see the Recurring lines created according to the Recurring cost. And also you can see all the invoices related to this contract from the smart button "Invoices".


☛ Checklist Tab in Rental Contract Form.

Here you can add the list of tools given with the vehicle. When the vehicle is returned back, the checklist can be validated and helps you to identify the tools that are not returned. The price of unreturned tools will be added to the missing tool cost. The renter have to pay that amount and you can also add damage cost if any. Check the damages by using the images of vehicle uploaded before the contract.

Checklist Easy Access

☛ No need to open all rental contract to see the checklist.
You can also create invoice against the checklist from here. The checklists are those which are in the checking state, that means the ones ready for checking the operation. If there is any damage or any missing tool, then you can charge all that from customer.

Email Notifications

☛The system will send email notification to notify the confirmation of contract.
☛The system will notify the first payment through email.
☛The system will remind all recurrent invoices through email.
Note:- You should configure outgoing and incoming e-mail settings from your odoo for email service.

Contract Payment Validations

☛ Here you can see you have 4 invoices and this contract is in 'Invoice' state. So you can set this contract to done only if all the invoices are in 'paid' state. Otherwise it will raise a warning as follow.

Fleet Rental Analysis Report

☛ You can also analyse all your fleet rentals from Fleet Rental -> Reports -> Fleet Rental Analysis.

Access Rights

☛Fleet Manager :- Fleet manager has the complete access across the fleet rental management 
☛Fleet Rental User :- Fleet rental user can read, write and create the records.