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Driving Institute Management Features


Using this APP, you can easily manage a complete driving school, add classes and generate lessons automatically based on repeat rules, also manage your fleet of cars easily and effectively. You can invoice the lessons to each student based on the classes they select.

Apple Platform
Android Platform
Create students / teachers
Easily manage classes / lessons
Generate invoices & track payments based on # of lessons
Get complete reports on the attendance of students
Manage a complete fleet of cars including (millage, services, drivers)

The Workflow:

here is how the classes dashboard looks like.

Click on create to add a new class:

you can easily fill in the form details such as class name, from – to dates and time, then select the default vehicle used for this class (note that this could be changed later on when adding lessons) Now you can decide the frequency of this class, there are basically three options, one is daily as you can see above and the weekly option as you can see here:

else you can select the monthly option and then manually add the dates:

for this example lets select the weekly option as it’s the most common one, three days a week like here:

Click on save then on add lessons, this will pop up a new dialogue box asking you to add students who are supposed to attend to this class:

click on add a line under students

then click on add lessons, this will automatically generate the required lessons based on the repetition needed :

lets go ahead and start this class :

Click on the lessons menu to see all the lessons you have in the school, you get to see two views one is the tree view:

Another one is the calendar view:

You can filter the calendar view based on the class or the service offered (such as 4 wheel drive Manual, 2 wheels drive).

Starting lessons and tracking attendance:

from the lessons menu click on one of the lessons to see one of the lessons:

Click on the start lesson.

as you can see from the screenshot above, all students are marked as “Present” automatically to make it easy for data entry, if someone is absent you can click on the “x” icon to make him / her absent

click on complete lesson to mark it as completed:

Click on the attendance menu to see all the attendance of all students across all lessons, of course you can group by or filter when you need .

Pivot table view:

Business intelligence view:

to get comprehensive attendance report click on the report by class.

select if you want to include classes that are stared, completed or both:

Add the classes:

Click print:

Vehicle management:

you can easily manage all of your cars used in training, click on the vehicles to see this view:

Manage fuel logs:

Manage services:

Student form view:

Employees and instructors:

Student form view:


Go back to the class we just created and click on the create invoice:

After you click create invoice the system will automatically invoice all the students inside this class and according to the number of lessons they are attending:

invoice view with the right number of lessons invoiced: