Car Detailing Management

Car Studio Management

To fully manage car studio process in simple and fast way this module can help you lot. Based on car studio process and their requirement we have developer this module so it can be managed very easily in odoo.

 Car History Management.
☑ Car owner and list of cars to owner have.
☑ Car Service and Detailing Work order management.
☑ Car Service and Detailing contract management.
☑ Car Detailing subscription management.
☑ Service and Detailing stock management.
☑ Vehicle Service and Detailing Invoicing process.
☑ Work Order Report.
☑ User Role allocation.
☑ Main menu for car Detailing users with required submenus so they can complete their work from one menu.
☑ Enhanced customer view with car details.
☑ Smart buttons for subscriptions and work-orders.
☑ Work order menu and relate views.
☑ Option to enter work order lines.
☑ Unique sequence number for each workorder and responsible for that work order.
☑ Proper Work order process. Create workorder --> Confirm Workorder --> Start work --> Consume material if required and add to lines --> Finish work --> Create Invoice --> Deliver vehicle to customer.
☑ Option to manage tax and discounts.
☑ Option to create invoicing and related stock moves automatically in back-end.
☑ User can enter customer requirements and notes in description tab.
☑ Detailed workorder report which can be further customized based on requirement.
☑ Contract management Option.
☑ Launch Special offer with contract period options with special price.
☑ Option to give Contract description and price.
☑ Smart button to see contract subscriptions in right corner.
☑ Proper Contract activation flow.
☑ Contract Subscription Management Option.
☑ Create Subscriptions to running contracts.
☑ In subscription you can change no of services and vehicle details.
☑ Subscription time period and special note option.
☑ Subscription can be utilized in work orders.
☑ Subscription Invoicing Option.
☑ If payment is in cash create direct paid invoice with single click.
☑ If payment is by card or chaque create draft invoice and use normal flow of odoo.

Other Configuration

To use this module no technical knowledge is required even no configuration is needed. Just install module and functionality is ready to use. For more customization and help contactus.